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South Carolina Trip!

Newsletter From Erin

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This page will have a copy of our latest newsletter. We will update the page every so often.

May 2005


Greetings from Iowa!  I am so glad you are all thinking about doing this trip.  The first step has been taken and its definitely a go.  Just a little background info- the house we are staying in caught our attention on a show on Fine Living called 'Great Vacation Homes."  It is located in Edisto Beach, a small beach town 45 minutes south of Charleston, the most beautiful city in the south.  Charleston is famous for its historic homes, outdoor markets, haunted pubs and beautiful harbors.  It has great shopping (everything from the Gap to Jimmy Buffett's margaritaville store), amazing plantations and colorful gardens.  The hardest thing to do will be deciding how to spend our time because there's so many options (shopping, barhopping, beachcombing, canoeing, dining, etc.)
So far it sounds like the only one with cold feet might be Alanna (you better come for at least a weekend).  Otherwise, I'm gonna assume we'll all be going.  Let me know.
Finally, some early predictions:
There will be a little alcohol involved.
SOMEONE will go skinnydipping.
LOTS of pictures will be taken.
Til next time, Erin

We may make past editions of the newsletter available for download.


Nov. 2, 2005- Nov. 9, 2005