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Gato Bob Updates
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The Up-to-date scoop on Gato Bob...


9/21/06: Bob is enjoying life at the farm; having a great time on vacation, and wants to know he WILL be back!
8/14/06: After an unsuccessful trip to Canterbury it looks like Bob will enter the day after tomorow for a race here at Prairie Meadows on Friday night.  He is hoping everyone will come out to witness the event.  Otherwise, it will prove his theory that the McMahons are only fairweather fans who give up on him after one loss.  And speaking of fairs, the Iowa Sate Fair is going on less than a mile from the house and would be an added bonus to the trip.  Another bonus: Bob's buddy "Bullet" (Silver Bullet Bob) will enter tomorrow for a race Thursday night.  Since Bullet had the "bullet" work a few mornings ago, we think he is ready to throw a nice race.  Why not make a two day trip?
7/29/06:  While surfing the internet, I came across the following article:
Click on it and enjoy
7/27/06:  Bob had an aggressive gallop this morning and is eagerly anticipating his next race.
I received some estimates for the silks and decided to go with Victory Silks.  Ken looked at various brands of silks in the jockeys room and said Victory Silks are made the best and fit the best.  The following is the response I received on email this afternoon:
Enjoyed the website. GO BOB...he is a pretty horse and I hope he has many more wins in him for you.
Price of the silks would be $152 for the traditional.  The only problem in the aerodynamics would be the front design.  It could be done large on the front, but the small size would need to be embroidered and that doesn't work on that fabric because it ruins the stretch.  It could be done on the front in a larger size and the cost would be $165
We are close to 4 weeks right now, but if Gato Bob has a big race, perhaps we could squeeze it in for him.  Tell him hello for us.
Victory Silks
So I called to order them.  When I explained who I was, she said, "Oh, the horse with the really cool website."  SO the stepchild will be receiving his own silks in the next few weeks.
Also, be sure to click on the link to Jeff Barkley's website.  In his words, "Gato Bob is all over the website."
Tip of the day:  Put the following horse in your stable mail: Sheldon.  He won first asking at Yavapai Downs and looked incredible.  One to watch for.
----- Original Message
7/21/06:  Gato Bob was relatively unhappy this morning as he missed his scheduled exercise due to wet weather.  He misses the McMahons and wishes they would visit him, so that he doesn't have to feel like a stepchild in front of his beloved and adored neighbor Plum Sober.
On a sad note, Iowa jockey and fan of Gato Bob Perry Whetstone shattered his heel last night in a paddock accident.  Although he landed on his feet, he took a bad step and will require extensive surgery.  Maybe we can find some nuns to pray for him.
All the prayers in the world will not help Uncle Bill and Terry at the track tonight, unless we say a prayer to St. Anthony (patron saint of lost things) and pray for their cause.
Plum Sober may also need a little help from above as he takes on some strong foes in Omaha Sunday in a $100,000 Stakes.  Please go to your local simulcast center and cheer on this beloved neighbor of Bob's.
Congratulations to Uncle Bob's horse Bobbadieu, who won impressively recently at Canterbury.
7/18/06:  Although he claims to not have favorites and has actually stated he doesn't even like horses, jockey Ken Shino was spotted @8:15 this morning feeding a peppermint to a chestnut gelding in Barn B6 and then running to the bathroom to wash his hands of Bob's slobber.  Rumor has it even Shino's stakes winners McMahon and Sand Ridge never were treated to peppermints.  So Shino may continue to claim that he has no favorites, but we know better.
7/14/06:  CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN TO GATO BOB!!!  Despite torrential rains last night, Gato Bob once again proved his worth by winning the first race at Prairie Meadows last night, which was also the only race not to be canceled.  Once again, the McMahons made him the favorite and he did not disappoint, winning by 2 1/2 lengths over a river-like track.  This morning, Bob was once again proud of himself, nodding vigorously when asked if he was the best horse in the barn.  Let's hope his ego doesn't get to him.
7/1/06:  Gato Bob received a new pair of shoes yesterday now that he can afford those sort of luxury items.  He seems to be doing fairly well and is proud of himself and his neighbor Plum Sober who won another race last night.
6/25/06:  CONGRATULATIONS GATO BOB!!!!  Last night the dream team gathered underneath a clearing Iowa sky and watched Gato Bob as he romped to a 1 3/4 length victory in the seventh race under jockey Ken Shino.  The little gelding did it in a time of 1:10.3 and paid $9.00 to win.  McMahon money sent his odds crashing all the way to 1-5 early but he ended up going off as the third favorite.  The attendees included Terry, Cece, Rita and Bill McMahon who were fortunate enough to watch the start of Bob's ascent to stardom.  Our heartfelt sorrows go out to Michael McMahon, who was not able to be present.  Many thanks to the generous Robert G. McMahon.  If not for him, the best trip of Cece's life would not have taken place.
This morning Bob seemed to feel good and was still basking in his glory.  Plum Sober was a bit jealous of his neighbors newfound celebrity status, but he will have his shot on Friday.
Once again Congratulations to the Dream Team and we ask that you all pause and reflect for thirty seconds to reflect on the spine-tingling awe of the horse known simply as Gato Bob.
6/22/06:  It's a go.  Bob will be in Race #7 on Sat. June 24 at 9:00 p.m. At 15-1, the stepchild is listed as the longest shot in the field.  Jerry Bailey was ready to come out of retirement for this mount, but we agreed to keep the odds high by using Shino.  He will be post position 6 out of 7.
6/21/06:  Bob's trip to the track was canceled this morning due to an unplanned track closing along with bad weather.  If all goes well he will be entered tomorrow for a race on Saturday.  He is looking forward to seeing all the McMahons (minus Robert G. McMahon, who will not be attending).
6/19/06:  This morning Bob worked 5/8 in an easy 1:02.4.  He finished very strong and if he comes out of this work well he may be entered for a race Sat. June 24.  Updated pictures of Bob will be posted shortly, so check back soon!
*  Congratulations to Bob's idol Plum Sober, who ran an incredible second in the $70,000 Cyclones Handicap on Sat. night at odds of 12-1.
6/17/06:  Be sure to cheer on Bob's neighbor and idol Plum Sober as he faces some Iowa-bred rivals in tonight's Cyclones Handicap at Prairie Meadows.  Catch entries and results at  Jockey Shino has the mount on Wild Wild West.
Also, congratulations to Bob's trainer Jeff Barkley who has been named Prairie Meadows' owner of the week.
6/16/06:  Yesterday Gato Bob received a beautiful, leather and gold-plated, engraved halter from jockey Ken Shino for Erin's birthday.  Unfortunately, this incident narrows down the pool of potential jockeys, as we can't envision the likes of Glenn Corbett or Tim Doocy presenting this "red-headed stepchild" such fine gifts. 
As for the update, Bob has been training fairly well since his last work.  Today he enjoyed the company of a maiden, black filly while galloping a nice mile and a half.  It looks like his next work (5/8) is on schedule for Monday.
6/12/06:  Gato Bob worked an easy half-mile in 48.4 and galloped out the 5/8 in 1:02.1
6/10/06:  Due to inclement weather, Bob remained in the barn and was handwalked for thirty minutes.  Physically, he seems to be doing excellent.
6/9/06: This morning Gato Bob went to the track and galloped an easy mile and a quarter with another horse.  He was on his toes and played hard all the way home.
6/8/06:  Today he went back to the track, lightly jogging a mile.  He seemed to have come out of his work well and was happy to be back on track.
6/7/06:  Gato Bob had the morning off today after working yesterday.  He was hand-walked for thirty minutes.
6/6/06:  Gato Bob had his first work over the Prairie Meadows track today.  He worked an easy 3/8 in 36.2 and galloped out the half in 49 and change.  He didn't seem especially winded and trainer Barkley was pleased with the results.

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